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      Experienced Fit Out providers

      Our company has a solid track record of working on commercial fit out projects in a wide range of industries. Including pharmacies, shops, supermarkets, kiosks, jewelers stores, restaurants, cafes, mobile shops, and many more. We take pleasure in our ability to provide high-quality fit outs that suits each client's exact demands and specifications. Our skilled team of professionals can manage all parts of the fit out process, from design and planning to building and installation. We understand the particular challenges and considerations that each industry presents. Therefore, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with each detail. Furthermore, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to bring your ideas to life. Whether it is a modern and practical pharmacy, a fashionable and inviting restaurant, or a sleek and efficient mobile shop. As a fit out company, it's our goal to make it all come to life.

      Commercial display contracting projects entail a set of stages that assure the successful installation of commercial displays. These initiatives necessitate careful planning, organization, and execution, in order to fulfil the needs and budget of the client.

      Stages of Fit Out Installations

      • Determine the client’s requirements: Firstly, we meet with the client to discuss the project’s aims and objectives. This first meeting assists to a better understanding of the client’s needs, preferences, and budget.
      • Site survey: The construction location of the display. Also, taking measurements, making notes of any obstructions, and identify any potential problems that may arise throughout the installation procedure.
      • Create a BOQ (bill of quantities) based on the demands of the client and the site study. The proposal should include the scope of work, schedule, and pricing.
      • Production: Once we approve the idea, we start working on the display. It may be required to work with third-party providers to produce custom components. 
      • Pre-installation testing: We make sure the display satisfies all specifications and performs properly before installing it.
      • Install the display in accordance with the approved design and timetable.  It may be required to use heavy machinery and operating at heights, thus safety precautions should be used.
      • Post-installation testing: After installing the display, perform post-installation testing to confirm it is working properly and without problems.
      • Maintenance and support: Maintain and support the display on a continuous basis to ensure it continues to perform properly and satisfies the demands of the client. This may entail regular maintenance, repairs, and content upgrades to the display.