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What began as an artisan company has grown steadily and healthily over the years. (Display Icon Company)Today a small regional family business has become an international service provider, represented at six locations. Today we are full-service provider that can supply its customers with virtually any shop fitting requirement. During our continues innovation and ongoing expansion we have never forgotten the traditional artisan virtues that have made us successful: directness, honesty and love for detail.

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Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

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Our Projects.

We provide full services in the commercial fittings, office furniture, security and decoration

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In Display Icon Company, traditional crafts and trades are combined with innovative production techniques and stat - of the art computer-controlled systems within our company. Whether quality at the highest level. We have the necessary experties:

A wealth of processing options for a wide variety of materials





High-quality surface finishes of any kind.

Offering construction plans

Building the project

Project assignment

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Why Choose Us

In Display Icon Company, we assume full responsibility from the initial idea until the turnkey project is handed over to you. Since, this is the only way that we can ensure that your requirements are fulfilled permanently, and this is why you can find all the services relevant for you under one roof:
• Planning, design and concept development
• Technical development, production of prototypes and samples
• Production of individual and serial concepts
• International logistics with customs clearance and packaging for air and sea freight
• International installations
• After-sales service
• Expansion management
• Event management
Because we know what we can do, we also know which experts we can integrate into our team.
Therefore, we can offer tailor-made solutions to every customer: on schedule and at a realistic cost benefit relationship.

An empty room is like a sheet of white paper: a platform of human creativity. Therefore, we can give your brand a unique image and unmistakable identity. Then, together we can turn your visions and ideas into reality. Creatively and with our eyes set firmly on the feasibility of the practical aspects and the budget. Also, two dimensionally, three - dimensionally and always taking current trends into account.

At Display Icon, we have many years of cross-industry experience that will give you assurance for your success. Whether it's an individual retail store, fashion house or shop fitting system that can be rolled out across stores: we design and plan the space for you to give your brand the best possible setting and presentation.

Display Icon are there where you want us - as you do, after all. Firstly, we have opened offices at all the most important national locations and are able to offer our services in the accustomed quality also locally. Furthermore, we can support you in our site search, market analysis and in registering your foreign subsidiaries. Also, we offer advice on ensuring that all legal requirements are adhered to and can assume the travel planning for you. Furthermore, we are familiar with the local customs and can even complete visits, and this whilst taking transparent cost as well as a timely market launch into consideration. This way, you will soon be at home through- out the whole world!

Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.


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As the complexity of buildings to increase, the field of architecture became multi-disciplinary with technological expertise and discpline.

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- First Industrial Area- Egypt.


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